CPA on the November 6 Ballot in Berlin

On Election Day, November 6, the residents of Berlin will cast votes on whether to approve the Community Preservation Act (CPA). SVT encourages a "yes" vote on this issue.

The CPA is a surcharge on property taxes that creates a local fund that can be used for projects in four categories: Open Space, Historic Preservation, Recreation, and Affordable Housing. Once a community adopt the CPA, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue adds an annual distribution to the fund. This annual disbursement creates an additional incentive for voters to approve the CPA.

Municipal boards as well as residents can apply to use CPA funds for projects, with each project needing approval from the community's Town Meeting or the equivalent legislative body. Currently, 173 cities and towns in the Commonwealth have adoped the CPA, which was enacted into law in 2000.

Many projects that SVT has successfully completed would not have been possible without the CPA, including Mainstone Farm, Wayland; Pantry Brook Farm, Sudbury; Schunder Field, Northborough; and Sweetwilliam Farm, Upton. 

On Thursday, October 18, SVT and the Community Preservation Coalition held an informational event about the CPA at 19 Carter in Berlin.  The Coalition gave a presentation that more fully describes the benefits of CPA

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