Cozy Now Featured on Storybook Trail

Cozy book cover. Story by Jan Brett.

The Storybook Trail at Wolbach Farm in Sudbury now features Cozy, a tale of a furry musk ox written and illustrated by Jan Brett.

As the snow piles up during a cold Alaska winter, other animals notice how warm Cozy is and start to burrow in. With the arrival of each new animal, Cozy has to add to the house rules: quiet voices, claws to yourself, no biting. The animals spend the winter together until spring arrives and they can all head to their summer homes. 

The story is ideal for preschoolers and early readers. A few pages of the book are posted on each of the 12 stations along the trail at Wolbach.

The trail goes over a hill in the woods and can be snowy, muddy, or wet. Please wear proper footwear, and note that it's best to leave the stroller in the car.

Learn more about Wolbach Farm and get directions.