Conservation Wins at the Ballot in Berlin, Sudbury

Good news! SVT learned today that voters in Berlin and Sudbury approved ballot measures that we supported.  

In Berlin, voters approved the Community Preservation Act (CPA), which will levy a surtax on property taxes in order to create a fund that can be used on local projects such as Open Space, Historic Preservation, Recreation, and Affordable Housing. The Town reported the election results on its Facebook feed: Yes--976, No--726, Blank--58.

In Sudbury, the effort to purchase and protect Broadacres Farm was also approved. The purchase will permanently protect 20 scenic of pasture and wildlife habitat and will allow the Town to expand the adjacent Featherland Park. According to the Town's website, the final vote tally was Yes--5924, No--3011, Blank--545.

SVT congratulates both towns. We are thrilled to see that conservation is important to the voters in our region.