Calling Citizen Scientists for the Christmas Bird Count

White-breasted nuthatch. Photo by Joan Chasan.

This year marks the 118th Christmas Bird Count (CBC) sponsored by the National Audubon Society. During this census, thousands of volunteers across the U.S., Canada, and other Western Hemisphere countries count birds over a 24-hour period. Their counts help researchers understand how the birds of the Americas are faring over time.

Everyone is invited to participate in this citizen science project, but you must join an official "count circle" that is recognized by the National Audubon Society. For the 2017 count, each count circle will select one day between December 14 and January 5 to hold its count. Participants will work in a designated 15-mile diameter circle, counting every bird they see or hear all day.

SVT participates in the Concord Circle of the CBC, which has scheduled its count for December 30.

You can participate in one of two ways: by joining a field party that counts birds in a specific location, or by enjoying the warmth of your home as you count visitors to your bird feeder.

Interested? Check out the Concord Circle website to learn more and register.

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