Amazing Partners at Amazing Things

The City of Framingham and Amazing Things Art Center (ATAC), with support from SVT, have been working with Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA) to improve a derelict strip of land between Hollis Street and the Arlington Street playground and turn it into a neighborhood pathway.

MWRA has been opening up sections of this and other aqueducts in the water supply system over the past few years for public access, a legacy of the late Representative Chris Walsh. Until recently, the parcel in downtown Framingham, which is located behind ATAC and sits just above the Sudbury aqueduct, was overwhelmed with garbage and overgrown brush

SVT has been an ally on the ATAC Aqueduct Path from the start. Once a use agreement was in place between the MWRA and the City, SVT AmeriCorps member Tempe Staples coordinated with ATAC staff member Melanie Christopher to plan three work days in May, June, and July.

At the first work day, Tempe, several ATAC staffers, and a group of volunteers from Framingham-based Bose installed a fence, disposed of over 20 garbage bags of waste, and cut logs that will be used to line the parking lot. On the second work day, Tempe and volunteer Roger Sturgis cleared the middle section of the parcel. The third work day will involve distributing woodchips across the area.

Once the clean-up work is done, local artists plan to install artwork along the developing aqueduct footpath.

All this progress has happened thanks to the teamwork of MWRA, the City of Framingham, ATAC, SVT, and many other volunteers. Amazing Things indeed!