Nature Sightings: The Best of 2022

Bobcat. Photo by Jon Turner.

At SVT we are all continually impressed by the variety and quality of the Nature Sightings that you share with us year after year. Thank you to all the photographers who share their encounters with nature by sending these images for everyone’s enjoyment.

We enjoyed many highlights in 2022, including a bobcat crouching in its full winter coat, a squirrel waking from a winter nap in a birdhouse, a pair of barred owlets sharing a view from their nest box, an osprey adding to its nest of sticks atop a playing field light post, and the beautiful pastel colors of an American lady butterfly on a summer wildflower. (See images at the top and bottom of this page.)

The images are not just beautiful and a joy to look at, they demonstrate the trust and hope that we have in land conservation: The trust that the regional conservation efforts you support will continue to provide habitat for these amazing creatures, and the hope that we’ll continue to experience the wonder of nature and see something beautiful on our next walk.

Best of 2022 Photo Album

We're grateful to everyone who shares their sightings throughout the seasons, and as we look forward to 2023, we're taking this time to share some of the best images from 2022.

View our picks in the SVT Nature Sightings, Best of 2022 Google Photo Album

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Photo Credits
Bobcat: Jon Turner; Gray Squirrel: Nancy Wright; Barred Owls: Russ Place; Osprey: Wayne Dion: American Lady: Steve Forman.

A gray squirrel in Westborough, photographed by Nancy Wright.
Barred owl nestlings in Bolton, photographed by Russ Place.
An osprey at a nest in Sudbury, photographed by Wayne Dion.
An American lady butterfly at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land in Southborough, photographed by Steve Forman.