Getting out of the office: Upper Mill Brook

By SVT Director of Membership Michael Sanders
Most of my work is in the office, which is how it goes when raising funds.  Most, not all of it.  Today, I took a walk at Upper Mill Brook in Wayland with Karen Norman, Branch Manager at TD Bank, Wayland.
Quoting the book Sudbury Valley Trustees:  50 Years of Conservation by George Lewis, “The first large-scale, attention-grabbing acquisition made by SVT was the area now called Upper Mill Brook, a diverse landscape of field, forest, and swamp in Wayland that is about as wild as it gets in that part of town.  Over 30 acres in size, it came to SVT’s attention in 1956, after a developer had skimmed all the developable building lots along the town roads and left a wet interior behind.  The wetlands, however, had enough dry areas to support an extensive trail network.  Months of frantic fundraising ensued, providing SVT with the opportunity to garner some good publicity.”
I’m grateful to the SVT members of 1956 who “In the months prior to the purchase of Upper Mill Brook in Wayland, led walks along the property, which provided their friends and neighbors a chance to experience its natural beauty.”
I appreciate that I can get out into the woods for a business meeting.  It always helps to show off the work of SVT with supporters - getting a true experience of what SVT is all about.  I give Ms. Norman great credit for arriving in her professional bank attire albeit casual sneakers excited to explore the woods of Wayland. 
Today’s walk was a bit of an adventure.  Some downed trees blocked parts of the trail, maybe caused by the heavy rain and wind last night.  One section of trail, where we ran into a dead end, is being reviewed by Stewardship with the help of volunteers.  I feel good when I can come back to the office and show Stewardship sections on the trail map that are in need of attention.  Moments like these keep me connected to SVT's mission.  I look forward to the next excursion.