Woodhaven Farm, Carlisle

Woodhaven Farm, Prospect Street. Photo by Stephen Gabler
Prospect Street. Photo by Stephen Gabler
Woodhaven Farm, Photo by Stephen Gabler
Photo by Stephen Gabler
Boardwalk at Woodhaven Farm. Photo by Stephen Gabler
Boardwalk at Woodhaven Farm. Photo by Stephen Gabler

Download a PDF that describes the Woodhaven Farm Project and includes a map of the proposed CR.


Property Description

We did it!  On June 23, 2016, we closed on the purchase of the Woodhaven Farm conservation restriction. Our thanks go to Katharine Endicott and Leslie Thomas, whose vision and generosity made this possible, to our wonderful partners at the Carlisle Conservation Foundation, and to the many donors who pitched in to help us meet the CR purchase price. 

Woodhaven Farm, located at the end of Prospect Street, was the largest remaining unprotected parcel adjacent to Estabrook Woods in Carlisle at the time of its protection. It consists of over 28 acres next to the Town’s Davis Corridor conservation area, which in turn connects to over 1500 acres of conserved land and public trails in Carlisle and Concord. Estabrook Woods, itself, is the largest, intact natural area within 30 miles of Boston.

Woodhaven Farm has been identified as important “Forest Core” habitat in the Commonwealth’s BioMap 2 Plan, which identifies natural areas whose protection are “essential to safeguard the diversity of species and their habitats, intact ecosystems, and resilient natural landscapes across Massachusetts.”  It is also ranked as a Priority 1 parcel for protection in Carlisle’s Open Space and Recreation Plan.

Why protect this land

If developed, Woodhaven Farm would support a minimum of four, very large estate lots, or up to ten typical residential subdivision lots. Under the CR, building is now limited to one single-family house and barn and some additional agricultural or educational structures within a defined envelope. The public can now enjoy Woodhaven Farm, and expanded access to Estabrook Woods, via an approximately ½-mile long trail easement extending along the perimeter of the property.