Elizabeth Brook Knoll

Photo by Rita Gibes Grossman
Photo by Rita Gibes Grossman
Photo by Simon Bunyard

In 2018, SVT and the Harvard Conservation Trust successfully protected Horse Meadows Knoll, a beautiful 47 acres on the Harvard-Boxborough line.

Now, the Boxborough Conservation Trust (BCTrust), with SVT’s assistance, has a chance to conserve the adjacent Elizabeth Brook Knoll, a lovely 15-acre property that sits on the Boxborough side of the line. It is owned by the same family that owned Horse Meadows Knoll.

By protecting Elizabeth Brook Knoll, we’ll be able to extend the trail system from Horse Meadows Knoll and enable everyone to enjoy this lovely landscape.

BCTrust has secured an $84,000 state grant that puts a big dent in the $189,000 project cost, and a closing is scheduled for March 22. The BCTrust, SVT, the Boxborough Conservation Commission, and the Fields Pond Foundation have also contributed funds to the project.

But we still need to raise $30,000 to close the gap. With your support, we can raise these funds and protect this land.

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Why protect this land

Elizabeth Brook Knoll and Horse Meadows Knoll sit at the southern edge of what we call the “High Ridge.” This 12-square-mile area in Harvard, Littleton, and Boxborough is rich with wildlife habitat, abundant native plants, and important sources of drinking water.

SVT and other conservation groups are working to protect these resources before they succumb to development pressure.

The conservation of Horse Meadows Knoll and the recent acquisition of the Smith Property at the north end of the High Ridge are important pieces of the effort to protect this sensitive area.

Elizabeth Brook Knoll is the next piece of the puzzle. 

How we will protect this land

BCTrust will purchase the land with fundraising assistance from SVT, the Boxborough Conservation Commission, and the Fields Pond Foundation. Once the land is purchased, we will be able to create trails that link to those on the adjacent Horse Meadows Knoll. 

Fundraising Campaign

SVT is helping to raise $30,000 for this project. 

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PDF icon Map of Elizabeth Brook Knoll Project Area