Chapter 61 Resources

In March 2016, SVT's Land Protection department hosted a workshop on Chapter 61 Current Use Tax Programs, with special focus on enrollment withdrawal and how municipalities can effectively conserve land when these difficult situations arise. Resources from the workshop:


Chapter 61 Literature

Chapter 61 Programs: Understanding the Massachusetts Ch. 61 Current Use Tax Programs by MA DCR & UMass Extension

Conservation and Land Use Planning under Massachusetts Chapter 61 Laws by Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust

Chapter 61 Legislation

Guidance on Solar Panelsfrom the Department of Revenue, on leases of town land, taxation, and how putting solar on c. 61 lands affects its eligibility and taxation

Chapter 61 Current Use Programs from

DCR Service Forestry Program

Information for Landowners

Land Prioritization Tools

Land Trusts & Service Providers in Massachusetts

Municipal Procedures & Tools