Imagine 2050 Business Sponsorships

Sudbury Valley Trustees (SVT) welcomes businesses that support our work to become Business Sponsors for our Imagine 2050 Virtual Gala.

Imagine 2050 is our 28th Annual Benefit Gala, and the first one we are holding as a live-streamed event. Through our Annual Benefit Gala, we raise funds in support of our land conservation work throughout the region.

Why "Imagine 2050"?

Today, development outpaces conservation, and we could lose half of our beloved lands by 2050. To protect our most important habitats, beautiful farms, and hiking trails, we must pick up the pace of our conservation work by 50%.

Your support of SVT at our Imagine 2050 Virtual Gala will put us on the path to save these precious open spaces before they are lost forever. Our live-streamed online event will be held Friday, March 5, 2021, from 7:00 to 7:45 p.m.

Below is a list of sponsorship opportunities for SVT's Imagine 2050 Virtual Gala. Please contact me for more details and to secure your spot as a Business Sponsor.

Thank you!

Lisa Vernegaard, SVT Executive Director
[email protected]
978-443-5588 x114

P.S. We also invite you to attend our live-streamed event and learn more about our vision for 2050. Register now, and we'll send the link during the week of March 1.

SVT is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, Tax ID 04-6049963


Sponsor Spotlight Video

  • 15-second pre-recorded video (provided by you) played during live-streamed event on March 5, 2021
  • Your video will be shared on SVT social media pages and on SVT website for one month after the event

Verbal recognition during live event

  • Shout out “Thank You” by David O’Leary during the live event 
x x    

Spotlight in promotional emails (mailing list 5000+) 

  • Your logo
  • Link to your homepage
  • Tagline
  • 1-2 sentences about your work
x x x  

Premium Recognition on Image 2050 Gala Web Pages & SVT social media 

  • Your logo and link to your homepage on gala website
  • Spotlight social media recognition
  • Display of logo in virtual ​environment during event 
x x x  

Standard Recognition on Image 2050 Gala Web Pages & SVT social media 

  • Listed as sponsor by giving level on our gala website and donation page
  • Group social media recognition as a gala sponsor 
x x x x

SVT Business Supporter recognition

  • Listed on as a Business Supporter for CY 21
  • Listed in Annual Report as a Business Support for FY2021  
x x x x