Committee Member: Facilities

Volunteer Position Description

The Facilities Committee works with staff and provides advice to staff on the management and maintenance of Wolbach Farm’s Buildings & Grounds. If you are interested in being considered for this committee or would like to learn more, please read this position description and submit an application. 

Position Name

Member of Facilities Committee


The Facilities Committee advises staff in the long-term management of Wolbach Farm, which is the location of SVT's headquarters. This includes the application of best management practices to maintain and improve the existing property and structures, and to identify, develop, and implement capital projects meeting SVT’s requirements. 

In addition, the Facilities Committee also provides advice on long-term maintenance and repair associated with infrastructure at other SVT properties as needed.

Read the Facilities Committee Charge.
Read the Roles and Responsibilities of Committee Members

Skills needed

We are seeking people with experience in building construction, engineering, historic building preservation, landscape architecture, or similar.

Meeting Schedule

The Facilities Committee meets at least four times a year.


There are no term limits. Committee members are confirmed annually.