Be Part of a BioBlitz!

Come explore the biodiversity of new conservation lands in Littleton and Harvard and learn what makes these lands so special.

In Spring 2019, we will be holding “Discovery Days” at Horse Meadows Knoll and the Smith Property. During each Discovery Day, we'll provide a 2-3-hour opportunity for you to learn the skills it takes to be a naturalist.

Each Discovery Day will feature a different group of organisms or a habitat type that provides rich biodiversity and added value to conservation lands. One day will focus on migrating and nesting birds, a second will feature butterflies and wildflowers, and the third will cover aquatic organisms and herpetology.

At the beginning of each day, an expert will provide an overview of the ecological value of the property. Participants will then be presented with a map of the property and the opportunity to explore. The map will have a series of marked locations where you can:

  • identify wildlife,
  • learn about the importance of conservation land, and
  • perform a hands-on stewardship task.

We'll encourage you to generate a list of the species you see as the day goes on.

Then, in mid-June, we’ll invite all Discovery Day participants to join us for a property-wide BioBlitz, when we’ll scour the landscape and officially record all the species we encounter.

All skill levels are welcome!

We are still creating the schedule for the Discovery Days. To be added to the email notification list once we schedule the outings, please sign up below.