Glacial Features Walk

Glacial Features Walk

SVT's Gray Reservation and the surrounding lands managed by the Town of Sudbury and Sudbury Water District offer excellent examples of how we can view evidence left behind by the glacier covering our region around 10,000 years ago.

With the help of volunteer Preserve Steward Bruce Porter, we have put together a self-guided version of the popular walking tour that Bruce led as part of SVT's Program calendar for several years.

Self-Guided Tour

You can use your mobile device to follow the trail with the interactive Glacial Features Walk Map. Each stop links to a page where you can choose to read about the nearby features or listen to Bruce's voice describe the land and processes that affected it. Each stop also has a scannable QR code that will link to the same content. Free apps for downloading QR code readers can be found in your device's app market.

We hope you enjoy your tour. If you're at Gray Reservation now, you can start your tour at Stop 1, near SVT's trailhead at the corner of Hudson and Old Lancaster Roads.