On Partnerships

By Christa Collins, Director of Land Protection
Every land protection project SVT undertakes involves some type of partnership, whether with a landowner, a municipality, or a local land trust. Over the past year, two particular projects stand out as perfect examples of why these partnerships are so critical to the work we do – and why they make the process so enjoyable!
In Carlisle, SVT has teamed up with the Carlisle Conservation Foundation (CCF) to raise funds towards the purchase of a portion of the Elliott property, to be known as “Pagey’s Preserve”. CCF directors have spent countless hours talking with the Elliott family, seeking out contributors, and advocating for the project with Town leaders. We could not be doing this project without them.
In Berlin, two excellent projects have been “teed up” by members of the Conservation Commission, who have spent years talking to landowners about the benefits of protecting their land. Once the landowners have committed, SVT has stepped in to help with the transaction side of the process, writing grants, conducting due diligence, and drafting conservation restrictions.
Relationships are built in chance encounters at the supermarket, the hardware store, and out walking the dog. SVT lacks the capacity to be physically present in all the communities in which we work, so we feel so very grateful for our local partners who are out there advocating for conservation in their communities.