SVT Champions Toolkit 2023

The Power of Personal Connections

2023 Benefit Gala: For the Love of Nature

Personal connections have driven SVT’s successful Virtual Benefit Galas in 2021 and 2022.

Help us multiply our impact for conservation by being an SVT CHAMPION for our 2023 “For the Love of Nature” Virtual Benefit Gala. Through your personal connections, you can engage many more people in the effort to protect our natural areas.




  • a passionate ambassador for land conservation
  • a lover of all aspects of the natural world, from clean air to healthy wildlife
  • an influencer who is not shy about sharing their values
  • a person who engages in their community
  • a loyal supporter or volunteer who believes in SVT’s mission


What Does an SVT CHAMPION Do?

Engage friends, family, and community in support of SVT and regional conservation. It's easy:

  • Set up your personal fundraising page with a goal for the amount of money you will raise on behalf of SVT.
  • Create a list of contacts. Think about your friends, family, and community, especially those who you know value the outdoors and the natural world.
  • Reach out. Spread the word to your contacts. Ask them to donate in support of you and this work, and invite them to watch the live-streamed event, "For the Love of Nature," on Thursday, February 16, at 7:00 p.m. 
  • Get personal. When you explain why protecting the natural world is important to you, you are a powerful motivator to others. 
  • Follow-up. Two or three rounds of messages are sometimes needed, and reminders are often appreciated by folks who want to support you and SVT.
  • Thank your supporters.

In 2022, our fundraisers helped to raise a record-breaking amount of support for land conservation in our region. As a community, through the power of personal connections, we can accomplish so much!


Let’s Get Started! Easy as 1-2-3

1. Set up your Fundraising Page on Give Lively, a simple donation platform that supports nonprofit organizations.

  • Visit the SVT Virtual Benefit Gala page on Give Lively, scroll below the video, and click the button that says “I want to fundraise for this.” 
  • You will then “Create a Fundraising Page.”
    --Create an account. If you fundraised for SVT's 2022 Virtual Benefit Gala, you will not need to set up a new account. 
    You will be asked to enter a username and email address and to create a password.
    --Give Lively will send a confirmation message to your email account. Click on the link provided in that message to re-enter your username and password. This will lead you to a fundraising page template, which you can personalize.
    --In the “Personalize your Page” section, you’ll be asked to write a note about “why you’re passionate about this project.” This note will be displayed on your fundraising page. 
    --Choose a fundraising goal. 
    --You’ll also have the option to upload a photo, and/or video.
    --Save the page. You’ll receive another confirmation email from Give Lively, and you can start fundraising!
    --And that’s it! Your page is done. 

Need help?
See our SVT Champion FAQ or Contact Debbie Pullen at [email protected].

2. Spread the word.

  • Reach out to others. Using a phone, email, or social media tools like Facebook, spread the word to your network of friends and family. Ask them to donate in support of you and this work. Explain why conservation is important to you and how it is relevant to them (see our templates page for ideas about creating your message). Your personal passion for nature will ignite others to take action.
  • Include an invitation. Your email should also invite everyone to watch the live-streamed event, "For the Love of Nature," on Thursday, February 16, at 7:00 p.m.  Supporters can tune in to the event or simply make a donation to help you reach your fundraising goal.  
  • Follow-up. Because so many people are so busy, you may need to send two or three rounds of messages. Reminders are often appreciated by folks who want to support you and SVT.
  • Say "Thank You". We encourage you to contact and thank anyone who contributes to your fundraising goal soon after they donate. (SVT will also send an acknowledgement after the live-streamed event on February 16.)

3. Tune in!  

  • Register to watch the live-streamed event on Thursday, February 16, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. 
  • Host a Watch Party (Optional). Invite a few people to watch the Virtual Benefit Gala with you. We suggest keeping the group small, so you can focus on the “watching” and don’t get too caught up in the “partying.” This is SVT’s most important fundraiser of the year. We appreciate you sharing your passion and support for SVT with others and helping to grow the SVT community.
  • If you decide to host a Watch Party, you will have two guest lists: one for the people you are inviting to your home, and one for the people you are inviting to watch the gala on their own or make a donation toward your fundraising goal. You will want separate messages for each group. 

Ready to Start Your Page?

Go to the SVT Virtual Benefit Gala page on Give Lively.

A Note About Payment Options

Your fundraising page will make it easy for guests to make a donation by credit card.

Supporters who would like to make a gift by check can mail their gift to SVT along with a note saying it should be counted toward your fundraising goal. Ask them to mail their checks to SVT, 18 Wolbach Road, Sudbury, MA 01776

Supporters who would like to donate by donor-advised fund, can direct their gift to Sudbury Valley Trustees, and if possible, note "For the Love of Nature" or mention your name as SVT Champion. 

Questions? Need Assistance?

If you need assistance with your fundraising page, contact:

Debbie Pullen
[email protected]
978-443-5588 x123