Preserve Steward, Frances Hill in Westford

Volunteer Position Description

SVT Preserve Stewards are SVT's eyes and ears on our trails. Preserve Stewards regularly walk the trails at an assigned reservation and make note of any problems with trail passage, vandalism, illegal uses, etc. 

Position Name

Preserve Steward, Frances Hill


Regularly walk the trails at Frances Hill in Westford at least once per month. 

Notify SVT personnel of urgent problems and situations.

Pick up and remove trash and debris found in the parking lot or along the trail.

Perform basic trail maintenance such as cutting back brush and tree limbs; maintain erosion bars.

Maintain boundary and trail signage (staff assistance provided as needed).

Submit on-line report for each property visit.

Monitor reservation boundaries and check for encroachments. This must be done annually in either the spring or fall, but if time and interest allow, more frequent boundary monitoring is encouraged: either once each in spring, summer, and fall OR once in late spring and once in fall.

Prepare and send boundary monitoring report to SVT.

Skills needed

Willing to “adopt” an SVT Reservation close to your home or place of employment and gain a thorough knowledge and appreciation of the reservation.

Able to visit property monthly throughout the year.

Enjoyment of the outdoors and commitment to conservation.

Training provided

An individual orientation and training will be provided to introduce the volunteer to the reservation and describe the position's responsibilities.


Approximately 2 – 10 hours per month. Can be flexible to your schedule.


Ongoing, for at least one year.


Frances Hill, Westford

Reports to

SVT Stewardship Staff


Opportunity to work outside on beautiful conservation land