For the Love of Nature

2023 Benefit Gala: For the Love of Nature

Crowdsourcing the Love!

SVT's 2023 Virtual Benefit Gala on Thursday, February 16, will celebrate the significance of nature in our lives. During this live-streamed event, we will share stories, videos, and images that have been provided by you, the members of the SVT community. 

Are you willing to share a story, photo, artwork, song, or poem that expresses your love of nature?

  • How has nature inspired you?
  • Do you cherish time spent outdoors with your loved ones?
  • Did you first meet someone special outdoors in nature?
  • Have you celebrated an important milestone in a natural setting?
  • Do you have a special connection with any wildlife?
  • Do you have a favorite season? Why?
  • Do you notice anything special when your children or grandchildren are outdoors in nature?

We encourage you to get outside and show us your love for nature. Is there a special place where you go for solace or inspiration? Take a photo and tell us about it!

Selfies and home videos welcome! Capture images or videos in a favorite spot. Your contribution could feature friends or family, flora or fauna. Have fun and be creative!

Have you written a poem or song (or other artistic expression) inspired by the love of nature?  Do you identify with the words of another poet or songwriter?  Let us know! 

We can quote you during the event, or if you prefer to be anonymous, that’s ok too!

Send your submissions or ideas to Debbie Pullen at [email protected]. If your submission is too large for email, we can provide you with another method (such as Dropbox).

We will need your final submissions by December 1, so take advantage of these beautiful Fall days to capture the love. 


Contact Debbie Pullen, SVT Program and Events Manager, at [email protected].