Assistant Clerk

SVT seeks a volunteer Assistant Clerk to record the minutes for all meetings of the Board of Directors as well as for its Annual Meeting.

The Assistant Clerk must:

  • Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors. The Board meets six times per year on Wednesday evenings for two hours, either in person or over Zoom.
  • Attend the Annual Meeting of SVT Members, a two-hour session that is held in either September or October of each year.
  • Review the meeting agenda and preparatory materials in advance of each meeting.
  • Take precise minutes during each meeting and type them up (in Word or a similar program) for distribution in a timely and accurate manner following the meeting.
  • Maintain confidentiality of Board discussions.
  • Be a member of SVT in good standing.

This position requires someone with excellent listening skills who can follow detailed discussions while taking notes about key exchanges and decisions. Good writing skills are essential.

Total time commitment for this volunteer position is approximately 50 hours per year. We ask for a minimum one-year commitment.

If you would like to have a front-row seat to the work of your regional land trust, please contact Deborah Sargent at [email protected].