SVT Opens New Trail in Hopkinton

SVT's Whitehall Woods Reservation, Hopkinton
Chelsea Polevy, an SVT MassLIFT-AmeriCorps Member, cut the ribbon during a special ceremony to open the trail at Whitehall Woods.
As part of the ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 3, SVT led a trail walk through our new Whitehall Woods Reservation.

On Sunday, June 4, SVT opened the trail at our Whitehall Woods Reservation in Hopkinton for public use. Whitehall Woods is SVT's newest reservation, and its 32 acres complement hundreds of previously protected acres in the adjacent Upton State Forest and Whitehall State Park. 

The trail across this 32-acre property creates a new access point to the trails in Upton State Forest, which spans the Hopkinton-Upton town line. Parking is available at 203 Pond Street, across from Whitehall State Park.

Check our Whitehall Woods Reservation page for a trail map.