Nature Sightings: The Best of 2017

An eastern screech-owl, photographed by David G Seibel.

Over the course of the past year we've received nearly 500 submissions to our Nature Sightings page. It's a wonderful testament to how much our members and friends appreciate the variety of wildlife in our region.

Owls, hawks, songbirds, flowers, mushrooms, snakes, salamanders, butterflies, bobcats, deer, weasels: the list of species for which we have photos gets longer and longer, and is now at 504! These photos and videos demonstrate the diversity of species that we support through our land conservation and stewardship efforts.  

We're grateful to everyone who shares their sightings throughout the seasons, and as the year comes to a close, we decided to share some of the best images from 2017.

View our picks in the SVT Nature Sightings, Best of 2017 Google Photo Album.

We hope you'll continue to let us know about the nature you see, whether on our properties, in your back yard, or anywhere in our service area. If you have an interesting picture or video to share, please contact Dan Stimson

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