Conservation in the SuAsCo

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Land protection is one of the most cost-effective ways to safeguard nature’s services and mitigate the effects of climate change. Yet, with limited funds available for protecting land, we can’t save every undeveloped acre. We must use the funds we have to protect those lands that will have the biggest impact.

To guide regional land protection strategies, SVT has worked with the Metrowest Conservation Alliance (MCA) to develop a tool that identifies those lands that are the most essential to conserve in the region around the Sudbury, Assabet, and Concord Rivers (SuAsCo). Because the tool can identify priority areas at the boundaries of towns, it should also facilitate collaboration and conservation partnerships.

Our new ARCGIS Story Map displays the results of our work while also describing the need for establishing land protection priorities. We hope this tool will be helpful for those embarking on land protection efforts throughout our region.

Learn more by viewing the Conservation in the SuAsCo Story Map.

The Story Map describes four maps, each of which focuses on a separate conservation theme. You can see the maps in data viewers lower on this page. Our Process Documentation Report describes the data and GIS analyses that we used to create these maps.

What Can You Do to Support Conservation?

Advocate for open space protection in your community!

Often the success of a conservation project depends on a town’s willingness to invest. Let town officials know that open space is a priority, vote at town meeting in support of conservation projects, and encourage your Open Space Committee or Conservation Commission to adopt this plan.

Plus, by supporting SVT, you'll also support both local and regional conservation in the SuAsCo region.

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